Horus Lodge No. 3155

New Member Registration

Welcome to Horus Lodge No. 3155, England and Wales’ Premier National Craft Beer and Ale Lodge. 

Thank you for completing the necessary pre-joining steps, and confirming your clearance certificates with our Lodge Secretary. 

Next Steps

You now need to pay your joining fee, first year’s subscription and decide the method by which you would like to pay your future subscription fees. 

Horus Lodge No. 3155 is a cashless Lodge, and all subscription payments will be taken online via our Members’ Portal. 

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You will today pay your £35 joining fee and first years’ subscription of £135 up front. 
  2. You will choose how you wish to pay your future subscriptions, either quarterly or annually. 
  3. You will enter your payment card details, and future subscription payments will be taken automatically either quarterly or annually dependent on which payment plan you choose. 
To confirm, today you will pay your first year’s subs in full and up front and the instalments you pay will then ensure that you have paid in full in time for the next year’s due date. 

If you have any problems with this method of payment, please contact the Lodge Treasurer. 

Choose Your Payment Plan


Pay in 4 installments
£ 33
  • £35 joining fee
  • £95 First Year's Subs
  • £40 Legacy Payment


Pay in full
£ 135
  • £35 joining fee
  • £95 First Year's Subs
  • £40 Legacy Payment

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page within the membership portal – however, should you need to cancel your subscription please inform the Lodge Treasurer.